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Text revision, copyediting, proofreading

Laurence Archer

Greer helped me with an important business proposal. She provided copy-editing and proof-reading services as well as some guidance on writing style and tone as well as design advice. Super easy to deal with and very efficient with turning round the copy with changes clearly communicated. Very happy with the final proposal which was the best written one we have ever submitted.
ISG Media
Manuscript evaluation

Hook, Line & Blinker

I am in the process of writing my first children’s book. Reaching the point where I needed the support of an Editor was really difficult. I had no idea what to look for in an Editor, what service or type of edit to chose. Not only that but handing over your creative work is really daunting. Greer was incredibly helpful, she was by far the best and most reassuring Editor I spoke with. The work I received back from her ticked all my boxes. Greer’s assessment of my writing was fair, constructive and positive. I’ve now got lots of ideas on how to take my book forward. Thanks Greer.
Independent author, Children’s Fiction
Line and copyediting + mentoring

Charlotte Bellamy

Greer edited a book that I am working on, and I have also worked with her for a couple of mentor sessions. The experience from contacting her originally, through the whole time I worked with her, she delivered everything exactly when she agreed. The mentor sessions were inspiring and really useful. I’m now working through the edits for the book she has suggested and I am delighted by her thorough understanding of the book, my vision and I have some valuable points with which to ensure the writing of my book is as polished as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Greer again and recommend her.
Photographer and creative non-fiction author
Copyediting and proofreading

Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust

Greer’s work was excellent – she was able to produce a clear copyedited file very quickly indeed – alongside a useful editorial style sheet. All deadlines were exceeded and communication was very easy. This enabled us to complete the work on the book much more efficiently and also helped with the design process too. Greer provided proofreading edits in a very clear way, which was also helpful. We would, undoubtedly, have struggled to produce the quality of booklet that we ended up with had we not commissioned Greer. We would recommend her services for any similar type of work.
Lucy Godfrey, Derbyshire Historic Buildings Trust
Line and copyediting

Rad Johnson

“I was very impressed with Greer’s edits to my manuscript. Clear reasons were given against each edit offered, leading to an education in honing my writing craft whilst also highlighting my unhelpful habits. Greer delivered the edited document within the estimated timeframes and communications with her were always friendly and informative. I would certainly utilise Greer’s valuable services again.”
Independent author, Hi-Concept Thriller
Manuscript evaluation

Upmarket Fiction author (prefers not to be named)

“I have greatly valued Greer’s assessment of the manuscript of my third novel. Inevitably, by the time I had reached a seventh draft I was quite unable to take an objective view of the strengths and weaknesses of the narrative. Greer is the third editor with whom I have worked and she has, unquestionably, been the most helpful. Her systematic analysis of theme, plot, structure, characterisation, viewpoint etc has been invaluable and the accompanying manuscript tracker is making it much more straightforward to proceed with an eighth draft! The story touches some areas which are particularly difficult for me. I discussed these with Greer at the outset and have been impressed by the sensitive way in which she has handled them.”
Independent author, Upmarket Fiction
Developmental Editing

Francesca Baker

“I am so impressed by the detail, depth and robustness of Greer's reports and edits. The reason I wanted a developmental edit is that after so much time looking at the novel it was difficult to see the wood from the trees, and the summary reports, breakdowns of chapters, and thought-provoking questions really have helped me see the areas for development. It’s a very personal story with a lot of factual memories in, and other editors had queried whether things like this really happened, but Greer approached the sensitive subject well. I would definitely recommend her.”
Independent author, Women’s Fiction
Manuscript evaluation

Dr Yanos Michopoulos

“Greer’s assessment of my manuscript was full of insight and knowledge. She understands the publishing process and commercial publishing market, and showed me what I needed to do to turn my manuscript into a book publishers would want to see.”
Founder and Director, Epiphany Enterprises Ltd.
Copyediting and proofreading

The Association for Heritage Interpretation (AHI)

“We’ve worked with Greer for copy-editing two issues of the AHI Interpretation Journal and each time she’s been thorough, timely and meticulous in her work. She’s professional and personable and is always happy to take questions or give the reasoning behind her edits. We’d highly recommend her if you want a safe pair of ‘second eyes’ to check your work.”
Nicolette Evans and Nicky Temple, co-editors, AHI journal
Developmental Editing

Parm Ram

“Thank you for handling my manuscript with such care and professionalism, not only have you given me a way forward with this project, but also provided me with clear advice that can be applied to my other projects too.”
Independent author

Katherine Davies

“Greer’s work was first rate, both in the quality and speed of her copy-editing and proofreading skills, and, in her capacity to, in a very short time, grasp the nub and key aspects of sometimes extremely complex issues. Greer was a pleasure to work with and utterly professional in all aspects of the engagement. I highly recommend her services without hesitation.”
CEO and Founder, Iguacu
Developmental Editing

Alastair McIver

“I wanted to thank you so much for this outstanding piece of work, for your compliments and critical analysis, and for all of the helpful suggestions therein.”
Independent author, Political Thriller
Line and copyediting

Kathy Thomas

“Greer’s experience meant she was able to make excellent changes to the text so everything read much better than before. She’s highly motivated and well organised and I didn’t have to wait long at all for results.”
First Aid Trainer, self-employed

Macro Removals

“I can’t believe how much you picked up that needed changing! Your work was first-rate, thank you.”
Removal Company in Bristol
Developmental Editing

J. Moreton

“I couldn’t have improved my book without Greer's input. She saw where the issues in the story lay and showed me how to fix them. I’ve had a developmental edit in the past but I didn’t get this kind of thoughtful detail and thoroughness.”
Independent author, Mainstream Fiction
Manuscript evaluation

Pippa Marshall

“Greer gave me a very astute report… full of insight into my manuscript… definitely felt my money was well spent!”
Independent author, Book Club Fiction
Developmental Editing

Lorna Shepherd

“I was really nervous handing my manuscript to Greer because I'd spent such a long time trying to get my story right… I was at the stage where I needed outside help if I was going to improve it. Greer was so understanding to how I felt and her edits were full of consideration to what I was trying to achieve… I now have a better paced novel with stronger, more interesting characters.”
Independent author, Women’s Fiction
Line and copyediting

Emma Tomes

“Greer really listened to what I needed, offered advice and was a pleasure to work with.”
The Helpful Coach
Line and copyediting

Sam Gibson

“Greer’s editing made such a difference to my story. I’ve learned so much from her comments… very supportive.”
Independent author, Romance
Line and copyediting

Lauren Kennedy

“It was amazing how much of a difference you made to the copy. I wish I’d found you earlier because you could have saved me so much time!”
Independent author, Mainstream Fiction

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