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Greer Glover

Getting Your Work Into Shape

Welcome! I’m Greer

Have you revised your book several times over and now need expert help?

I’m a freelance editor of fiction and non-fiction, creative writing mentor and writer. 

I help authors of the following genres shape and polish their work:

As a published writer of fiction and non-fiction, I understand how highly personal writing is and so I’m sensitive to the writing process. This means I can support you one hundred percent.

Your may be aiming to self-publish or take the traditional publishing route. Perhaps you’re writing just for you.

Either way, you seek help writing or shaping your work, or you need it polished to a high standard.

Is this you? Then why don’t you get in touch? We can discuss what you’re looking for and the costs involved.

If you’re not sure what you want, we can work it out. As you know, not everything is clear cut when it comes to writing. Get in touch

How I can help you

I offer constructive feedback, editorial support and mentoring to authors of novels, novellas, short fiction and non-fiction.


An in-depth, big picture review of your manuscript where the major storytelling elements of your novel are examined. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll learn how to make your novel stronger
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An assessment of how well your novel’s working through looking at the major storytelling elements, such as plot, structure, pacing, characterisation, dialogue, setting and narrative technique
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Line and copyediting

Where sentences are reviewed for readability, consistency and flow, and errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar
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Where errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar are corrected
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One-to-one mentoring over a period of time and regular review of your work-in-progress or ad hoc mentoring, depending on your need
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A blurb for your back cover or online book description, written to hook readers and sell your book
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