Freelance journalist, copywriter and proofreader

Greer Glover

Who I am

I’m a journalist, copywriter and proofreader. My speciality? Crafting strong copy that cuts to the heart of a story. Clear, crisp copy that connects you with your audience and helps your business or organisation grow.

I write for companies, charities and publications producing fresh, original copy that captures an audience’s imagination. 

And I don’t stop there. I rework and repurpose text, copyedit, proofread and assess fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. I also review books.

I’m experienced across the board: national press, website copy and web content; PR and publishing. It means you’ll receive accurate, polished copy and also expert advice.

With 25 years’ writing across different industries on wide-ranging subject areas, I’ve a wealth of experience and knowledge. It means I’m perfectly placed to craft copy to support your business objectives.

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Articles, interviews, research, media relations, book reviews and more
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Websites, blogs, articles, newsletters, press releases, brochures/leaflets, testimonials, copy refresh or rework and more
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Copyediting, proofreading, manuscript assessments, book reviews, publishing advice and more
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Why choose me?

Because I can help your business grow.

Most writers haven’t been national press journalists. Most journalists haven’t copywriting, PR and publishing experience to their name.

My copywriting is customer-focused, accurate, well-researched and written in the style and tone you want.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of people, can sound out an angle and know how to turn one idea for copy into three.

Tell me what you want and we’ll work together to create appealing copy that will help you achieve tangible, positive results.

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